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There’s a reason that more than 50% of commercial and industrial HVAC systems experience significant problems long before the end of their natural lifecycle – poor water treatment. It costs companies and organisations millions each year, wastes time and results in severe operational disruption.

SolidTek is here to change this. Our innovative products break the mould of traditional, ineffective water treatment practices, instead delivering solid, reliable and lasting solutions every time.

For example, when combining our solid paste chemicals with DosaFil devices, users get side stream filtration, automatic air removal and chemical dosing. This helps to ensure that harmful contaminants are removed from a system automatically, while enabling safe, easy and fast dosing of chemicals.

Our solid paste chemicals are also far more lightweight and compact than liquid chemicals, making them easier, safer and cheaper to store, transport and handle. This makes water treatment practices easier.

If you’re looking for a safer, faster and easier alternative to liquid chemicals, call us.