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THPS biocides have landed in the UK – and there are many reasons why you should switch from CIT/MIT to THPS. Here are just three:

  1. Better health and safety:
    – CIT/MIT is a severe skin sensitiser, even at use level
    – CIT/MIT poses greater acute toxicity risks than THPS
  2. Better stability:
    – CIT/MIT reacts with sulphides, and therefore has poor efficacy against SRB
    – CIT/MIT stability drops above pH9, reducing performance in high cycle systems
  3. Better performance:
    – Documented cases of resistance to CIT/MIT in common cooling water bacteria
    – THPS is more effective than CIT/MIT against Legionella pneumophilia
    – CIT/MIT is a slow acting biocide reducing efficacy in systems with short residence times

Solid THPS biocides, developed in partnership with Solvay, are available exclusively from SolidTekTM. Solvay’s Tolcide®PS THPS liquid biocides are also available.