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There’s a reason that more than 50% of commercial and industrial HVAC systems experience significant problems long before the end of their natural lifecycle – poor water treatment. It costs companies and organisations millions each year, wastes time and results in severe operational disruption.

The team at SolidTek are very aware of the issues with treating HVAC systems. Our innovative products – which include leading solid paste chemicals and the UK’s most environmentally-friendly chemical system, address these issues and break the mould of traditional, ineffective water treatment practices.

It is time to re-think how you treat commercial HVAC systems and switching to Solid treatment chemicals offers you multiple advantages over traditional liquids.

What are the advantages?

  1. Solid chemicals are small, lightweight and compact – Easy to store, easy to transport and easy to move around the plantroom.
  2. Reduced fuel, transport and storage costs – because of their small size, they cost less to transport reducing Co2 emissions.
  3. Easy and safe to handle and transport – because of their solid state, they will not leak or spill meaning that their safety credentials increase significantly.
  4. When using SolidTek chemical sticks with the DosaFil device (a device which combines side stream filtration with dosing and automatic air removal), you get the UK’s most environmentally-friendly chemical system.
  5. No bulky liquid chemical drums to store or dispose of – meaning a much tidier and organised plant room and also storage and waste disposal costs are completely eliminated.
  6. Industry proven, high performance control of scale, corrosion and bio-fouling.
  7. Serious eco-credentials! Most chemical drums end up in landfill, with Solid chemicals there is zero plastic waste and they come in fully recyclable packaging.
  8. Costs savings compared to using liquid chemicals – mainly reduced transport costs, storage costs, waste removal and labour costs.
  9. Aids IPPC and ISO14001 compliance.
  10. All of our products are manufactured in-house in the UK, and proudly display the Made In Britain logo.

If you want to discuss the benefits of making the switch to Solids, contact the team at SolidTek today by filling out our contact form or by calling us directly on 0345 605 0405.