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After four years of intense research and development, solid paste chemical manufacturer, SolidTek™, has launched a dissolver (known as the STL1000) to market. The STL1000 dissolves SolidTek’s innovative solid paste chemical range, the latter of which offer a safer, easier and more eco-friendly alternative to traditional liquid water treatment chemicals. The STL1000 is compatible with SolidTek’s jar and disk form solid paste chemicals and automatically enables a constant reservoir of dissolved product, to be available for automatic dosing into open cooling systems, steam boilers and process water systems.

The new dissolver is the brainchild of SolidTek’s Managing Director, Steve Crick. After listening to clients’ and researching the market, Steve found there was a need in the market for a dissolver that was both functional, compact, and more environmentally-friendly. THE STL1000 fulfils all these requirements, boasting high efficiency, a minimal footprint, and British Made status, a feature which reduces the dissolver’s carbon footprint and supports the UK manufacturing industry. The official Made In Britain registered collective mark is proudly displayed on each unit.

The dissolver has been four years in the making, undergoing extensive R&D and field trials. It is now successfully installed in several locations throughout the UK.

Steve Crick said “four years ago when we set out on this journey, we had a vision, and we knew it was possible to design exactly what our customers needed in a dissolver. It has been a collective effort from the team to design, build, test and bring this product to market. It’s a proud moment when you see the STL1000 fully operational on sites and doing exactly what we hoped it would”.