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SolidTek® are best known for their solid paste chemicals which are safer, easier, more cost effective and more environmentally friendly than liquid solutions. It’s fair to say that solid paste chemicals have well and truly disrupted the water treatment industry.

However, not only do SolidTek® make innovative solid chemicals they also design and manufacture a range of chemical dissolvers, specifically designed for the automatic treatment of boilers and cooling towers.

Their range of dissolving equipment enables users to replace bulky, heavy and potentially hazardous liquid chemical drums with far safer, easier and space-saving solid water treatment chemicals. Their dissolver range boasts high efficiency, a minimal footprint, and British Made status, a feature which reduces the dissolver’s carbon footprint and supports the UK manufacturing industry. The official Made In Britain registered collective mark is proudly displayed on each unit.

Their range comprises of:



The STL1000® is SolidTek’s newest dissolver (launched to market in late 2021). It is the only solid chemical dissolver that’s designed and manufactured in Britain and is compatible with SolidTek® jar & disk form solid paste products.

Other features include:

  • Suitable for use with jar form halogen-based biocides
  • Allows jars and disks to be dissolved automatically giving a constant reservoir of dissolved product.
  • Wall mounted – reducing footprint of your chemical dosing equipment.
  • Non-Electric operation
  • Industry proven robust level controls.
  • Safe and easy to operate/maintain.
  • UK stocked spares.



SolidTek redesigned the STL100G® in 2022. Now all its components are sourced in the UK – and can also proudly boast a Made in Britain status (same as the STL1000®).

The STL100G® is a single product dissolver without storage chamber and is compatible with jar solid paste product only.

Other features include:

  • Operated by a 240v solenoid valve (connected to a separate timer/controller) sends water to the dissolver which then drops via gravity into the system being treated.
  • It eliminates the need for dosing pumps and can be used to feed large quantities of product directly into a system.
  • Cannot be used on pressurised systems.


SolidTek Biocide Feeder

The SolidTek Biocide feeder puts safety first as this design means the user has reduced exposure to fumes and bromine dust. It’s a compact unit meaning minimal footprint, it’s also quick and straightforward for the operator to use and is simple to apply and specify.

Other features include:

  • Non-electric, wall mounted, safe and simple bromine dissolver.
  • Designed around BromTek enhanced bromine, the product is dissolved automatically giving a constant reservoir of mixed halogens which is then pumped into the system via a standard dosing pump/pumps connected to the mixing chamber.
  • Easy stock check and product top up without the need for isolation or draining.
  • Quick and easy to maintain – charge with product in under 5 minutes without isolation from system.

Want to see how SolidTek dissolvers work? Watch this short video below:


To see how SolidTek® could help you with solid paste water treatment requirements, please contact us info@solidtek.co.uk