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After two years of R&D, solid paste chemical manufacturer, SolidTek®, has launched its own Biocide Feeder package to market, which offers a safer, effective, convenient, and user-friendly alternative to traditional brominators.

The new Biocide Feeder is designed to dissolve SolidTek’s innovative solid form bromine biocide “BromTek®” – which offers users a safer, easier, and more eco-friendly alternative to traditional liquid water treatment chemicals.

BromTek® is supplied in jar form and enables a constant reservoir of biocide solution to be available for automatic dosing into open cooling systems. The biocide feeder package offers significant technical advantages over traditional brominators including the elimination of scale and corrosion inhibitor destruction and other undesirable side-reactions, such as fouling with bi-products of non-oxidising biocides and inhibitor oxidation, which occurs in most brominator installations.

Benefits when compared to traditional Brominators:

• No exposure to hazardous bromine dust or fumes.
• No pressurisation in feeder eliminates risk of high-pressure failures.
• Improved microbial control thanks to BromTek’s advanced mixed hydantoin chemistry.
• Eliminates issues associated with running treated cooling tower water through brominators.
• Ensures precision dosing of halogen, as opposed to the haphazard approach of brominators.
• Ability to top-up and/or inspect product levels without isolation or draining.
• Wall-mounted device reduces installation footprint.
• Product specific calculators allows easy sizing and set up of the system.

After listening to clients’ and researching the market, SolidTek® found there was a need for a Biocide Feeder package which was functional, compact, and more environmentally-friendly. The new Biocide Feeder package fulfils all these requirements, boasting high efficiency, a minimal footprint, and British Made status, a feature which reduces the equipment’s carbon footprint and supports the UK manufacturing industry. The official Made In Britain registered collective mark is proudly displayed on each unit.

SolidTek’s Managing Director, Steve Crick said:
“We always knew it was possible to design exactly what our customers needed in a Biocide Feeder. It has been a collective effort from the team to design, build, test and bring this product to market. It’s a proud moment when you see it fully operational on sites and doing exactly what we hoped it would”.