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dosafil-duo + solidtek™ sticks 

Reap the rewards of the UK’s most environmentally-friendly chemical system for hot and cold closed loop systems

cleans, treats + protects

enables online cleaning

combines dosing, constant side stream filtration + continuous air removal

safe and easy

sustainable, eco-friendly solution

A true revolution in water treatment, DosaFil-Duo smart filter + SolidTek™ sticks represents the greenest approach to cleaning, treating and protecting closed-loop systems. Our advanced chemical system eliminates the use of bulky, hazardous and non-recyclable chemical drums, while delivering powerful, convenient and cost-effective water treatment.

dosafil explained in one minute

dosafil-duo + solidtek™ sticks

how dosafil-duo + solidtek™ sticks will benefit you

  • The most environmentally-friendly chemical system available in the UK
  • Minimises manual handling
  • Reduces COSHH impact of water treatment
  • Reduces the footprint of water treatment
  • Aids IPPC compliance
  • Eliminates chemical spills
  • Enables online cleaning of fouled systems when used with SolidTek™ online cleaning technologies, eliminating the need for costly offline chemical cleaning
  • No bulky chemical drums to store or dispose of
  • Zero hazardous waste
  • SolidTek™ solid paste sticks come in fully recyclable packaging
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Manufactured in Britain

KEY FEATURES OF dosafil-duo +solidtek™ sticks

  • The only programme to combine:
    • Safe dosing of solid or liquid treatment chemicals
    • Constant SMART side stream filtration
    • Continuous air removal


  • Cleans, treats and protects commercial heating and cooling systems
  • Chemical treatment approach as recommended in British Standards BS8552 & BSRIA BG29 & BG5


  • Controls and reduces suspended solids to achieve BSRIA BG50 target of <30ppm suspended solids
  • Unmatched standard operating pressure and temperature ranges
  • Smart monitoring of filter bag replacement

boost your eco-credentials and your budget with dosafil-duo + solidtek™

dosafil-duo + solidtek™ sticks case study


  • Large, purpose-built commercial office block
  • Poor operation and efficiency in closed heating and chilled water systems, poor heat transfer.
  • Failures in fan coil units
  • Significant maintenance requirements to clear blockages and clean strainers
  • High risk, liquid-only dosing pots


  • DosaFil-Duo Smart Filter
  • Stick chemical treatments


  • Suspended solids reduced from 300mg/l to 30mg/l over a 3 month period via filters
  • Corrosion coupon analysis, laboratory samples and visual inspection indicate water quality is in line with industry standards
  • Easy online system clean avoided significant capital expenditure or costly chemical cleaning and flushing
  • System operation significantly improved
  • Maintenance requirements have reduced to a level expected in a system of this type
  • Permanent switch to safer SolidTek™ solid products
  • Reduced water usage
  • Improved system efficiency

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