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There’s a reason that more than 50% of commercial and industrial HVAC systems experience significant problems long before the end of their natural lifecycle – poor water treatment. It costs companies and organisations millions each year, wastes time and results in severe operational disruption.

Liquid chemicals have been used for decades to condition the water in HVAC systems, however solid chemicals have innovated on this traditional treatment – and the benefits are great.

Solid chemicals deliver solid, reliable and lasting treatment to cooling water, closed-loop and steam boiler systems, however they also pack a punch when it comes to financial benefits.

First of all, they are compact and lightweight, which reduces transport, fuel and storage costs compared to their liquid counterparts.

Secondly, they reduce COSHH impact, which can lower health and safety costs related to higher risk liquid chemicals, such as insurance and training.

Thirdly, when using solid chemicals there are no bulky drums to store and dispose of – another cost that pertains to liquid chemicals.

There are many other benefits to using solid paste chemicals, not just financial but also environmentally and operationally:

  • Easy and safe to handle and transport
  • Eliminates chemical spills
  • No loose powders
  • Zero hazardous waste
  • Reduces COSHH impact
  • Aids IPPC and ISO 14000 compliance
  • Fully recyclable packaging
  • Low carbon footprint

Making the switch to solid chemicals is easy. To find out more, get in touch with SolidTek today.