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Let’s get to it:

  1. The first and only solid form NSF CIAS (Formerly Buildcert) inhibitor in the world, which means our product meets the performance requirements of the best liquid products without the downside of liquids
  2. It can be own labeled for water treatment companies
  3. Our stick chemicals can be used in closed heating and cooling systems and are incredibly lightweight, compact and safe to use and transport
  4. All of our packaging is recyclable
  5. Our disc and jar chemicals can be used in cooling towers and cooling systems. You just need a dissolver – and guess what? Our dissolver is also the first one in the world to be designed and manufacturers in Britain
  6. When using SolidTek chemical sticks with the DosaFil device (a device which combines side stream filtration with dosing and automatic air removal), you get the UK’s most environmentally-friendly chemical system.
  7. BONUS! SolidTek chemicals are manufactured in Britain too!