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With the global environmental crisis reaching peak tipping point, it has never been more important for companies to make conscious choices when it comes to reducing environmental impact and building sustainable supply chains. But how can that be done in water treatment, an industry which has traditionally relied on hazardous liquid chemicals? The answer is SolidTek™.

Zero landfill waste

SolidTek™ manufacturers of the UK’s most environmentally friendly chemical treatment systems. This starts with solid paste chemicals which are contained in 100% recyclable inner and outer packaging. The net result is zero waste to landfill.

By comparison, the traditional plastic drums used for liquid chemicals must be disposed of following “hazardous waste” regulations and are often sent to landfill after processing rather than being recycled. Moreover, the process of disposal requires transportation, resulting in further CO2 emissions.

SolidTek’s™ compact plastic bottles (all of which is recyclable HDPE) weigh just 130g. A 210kg traditional drum for liquids, on the other hand, contains approximately 6kg of plastic that is not easily recycled.

In terms of recyclability, less waste and reduced carbon dioxide emissions, using SolidTek™ solid paste chemicals is a done deal.

Water savings

There’s also significant water savings to be made with SolidTek’s™ eco-friendly packaging compared to chemical drums. A traditional 210kg drum of hazardous liquid water treatment can be up to 80% water, for example. By contrast, a 20kg case of SolidTek™ solid chemical contains no added water.

SolidTek™ solid paste chemicals also eliminate the need to triple rinse drums to remove all traces of chemicals, typically saving approximately 150 litres of water for each 210kg drum rinsed prior to disposal or recycling.

Steve Crick, Managing Director of SolidTek™, explains why using fully recyclable packaging is so important to our business:

“Business leaders of today are looking for innovative solutions to problems faced by the global community. For SolidTek™, one of our key missions is to exist as a company that invests in long-term sustainability, including our own products.

We want to make a difference in our industry and contribute to halting climate change, and actively look to partner with responsible companies who share the same ethos.”

If your company is looking for ways to increase its eco-credentials, and you have traditionally relied upon liquid chemical treatment, please contact us today to discuss how SolidTek™ solid paste chemicals can help you achieve your goal. We exist to work with like-minded professionals who want to use safer, more sustainable, alternatives to traditional hazardous liquid water treatment and will do whatever we can to support your transition to sustainable practices.

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